Since its establishment in 1968, Anchor Shoji offers the largest selection of table and kitchenware on the island, everything from Japanese-style tableware, knives, iron kettles, to many other countless items ideal as souvenirs.


Maneki Neko (Welcome Cat)

With a waving hand gesture, Maneki Neko, the welcoming cat, is known to bring good fortune and luck to businesses. Its right paw attracts wealth, and its left paw attracts the customers. Our wide selection of Maneki Nekoʼs is like no other on Okinawa.


Japanese Design Tapestry

Popular tapestry that will add the Japanese touch to your room. The Four Seasons as well as Japanese customs depicted in our tapestry will be a good choice as your souvenir.


Damascus Knives

We carry Damascus knives which are known for their sharpness, durability, and anti-rust endurance; all now at special rate.


Wooden Tableware

For daily use or crafted for your special occasion, we carry a variety of design and type of wooden tables to choose from at an affordable price range.


Iron Kettle

We host a line of iron kettles, superior in their design and function. There are many varieties of color and size to choose from.


Knife Selection

Made with tradition, Japanese knives are sought after for their superior quality in craftsmanship. We have the largest selection of knives to choose from.


Japanese Tableware

We offer a large variety of Japanese tableware, many which feature motifs of the ever-popular blue ocean and wave design. These are often found in Japanese restaurants, but we offer them to you at a wholesale price.


Hand Towels

We have a wide selection of beautiful Japanese design hand towels, as well as the traditional Furoshiki wrapping clothes.


Donabe (Clay Pot)

We offer many different and high quality clay pots, to include IH stove compatible pots.


Tea Pot

Enjoy your next cup of Japanese green tea from our large selection of tea pots and cups.